Hourly care, also called domiciliary care, is a visiting service where a carer comes to your home during the day to help with tasks that may have become too difficult to do alone. 

A competent and compassionate carer will help you with household tasks, personal care, preparing and cooking meals or any other activity that allows you to maintain independence and quality of life.

Care at home can be provided from a minimum of 3 hours to as many hours / visits you require throughout the day, one or several days of the week depending on your care and support needs.

Hourly care can be used to support you if you are living with a condition that impacts your ability to live independently and need condition-led care, for example hourly care for dementia or Parkinson’s, or you are recovering from an illness, hospital treatment or need help at home following a stroke.

Staying at home with hourly home care means that you can continue to live life your way, whilst benefitting from one-to-one care provided by a competent and compassionate carer whose focus it is to improve the quality of your life and enhance well-being.

If you are receiving complex care at home, the carers we choose to support your needs will have at least six months care or health sector experience before they come to care for you. In addition to completing our induction training programme, which goes above mandatory requirements they are trained by our registered nurses, clinical experts and other healthcare professionals involved in providing care